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Drama Club

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CCHS Theatre Arts Guild

     In the past, the Drama Club functioned under the sponsorship of Mrs. Jennifer Blencowe, our current librarian. For about twelve years our thespians were silent, finding voice in the Blast from the Past and other extra-curricular endeavors. Since 2015, the Drama Club became active once again under the sponsorship of Mrs. Kay Tippett. 

     In 2018, the CCHS Drama Club was rebranded as the CCHS Theatre Arts Guild. From 2016-2019, our guild performed 8 plays. During the school year 2020-2021, out of necessity due to a global pandemic, we ventured onto a virtual stage. Shakepeare said, "All the world's a stage." We proved the truth of his words. We performed at 6th Street Warehouse in the spring of 2021, our first traveling show. 

     This year will bring new challenges, but we are ready for them. I am so amazed at the growth we have seen. I know this program will continue to grow with the support of the community.