10th Grade (current 9th grade) Schedule Request Form
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Thursday, February 01, 2018

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10th Grade Elective Course Descriptions

Agriscience - A one-credit course that provides students with a general overview of the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Cluster and pathways.

Intermediate Agriscience - Intermediate Agriscience is a course that provides students with an intermediate understanding of the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources cluster, which contains five pathways—Power, Structure, and Technical Systems; Environmental and Natural Resources Systems; Animal Systems; Plant Systems; and Agribusiness Systems. Students are involved in classroom and laboratory activities in each of the five pathway areas. The emphasis for Intermediate Agriscience is plant systems.

 FCS (Family & Consumer Science)- A one-credit course that provides students with core knowledge and skills in the areas of marriage and family, parenting and care giving, consumer sciences, apparel, housing, food and nutrition, and technology. A school-based laboratory is required for this course.

Food & Nutrition - A one-credit course designed to enable students to explore the relationship between food, nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Students learn how to select and prepare nutritious foods. A school-based laboratory is required for this course.

Parenting - A one-credit course that allows students to focus on practical problems related to parenting roles and responsibilities. Topics include family structures, preparation for parenthood, and birth defects. A school-based laboratory is required for this course.

Spanish I - Listening and speaking skills including understanding and responding to simple directions, expressions of courtesy, and questions related to daily routines; reading and writing skills including words and phrases used in basic situational contexts; beginning understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures

Public Speaking-. Extemporaneous, demonstrative, persuasive, informative oral communication; videotape; speech writing and delivery.

Creative Writing- Composing poetry, short stories, and critical responses

Drama- Play reading of dramatists such as Ibsen, Miller; critiquing

Theatre Level I - Produce; respond to productions; vocal, kinesthetic, emotional, analytical, and intellectual elements; dramatic structure; acting process; collaborative nature of a theatrical production and role of production staff; theatre history; theatre vocabulary; aesthetics; evaluating artistic choices

BTA (Business Tech Applications) - A one-credit foundation course designed to assist students in developing technological proficiencies in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, communications, Internet use, ethics, and careers using technology applications.

Advanced BTA - A one-credit course that provides students with project-based applications of concepts learned in Business Technology Applications or Business Essentials. Students will use various software applications to prepare documents for publication and generating information. The prerequisite for this course is Business Technology Applications or Computer Applications.

Accounting - A one-credit course designed to help students understand the basic principles of the accounting cycle. Emphasis is placed on basic accounting, analyzing and recording business transactions, preparing and interpreting financial statements, and performing banking and payroll activities.

Personal Finance -A one credit course designed to introduce students to the management of personal and family resources to achieve personal goals and financial literacy.

Contemporary Issues - Current issues from historical and geographical perspectives; knowledge of key contemporary personalities and events that impact lives.

Psychology - History of psychological inquiry; methods of scientific research; human development; sensation and perception; motivation and emotion; states of consciousness; social psychology, cognition; intelligence and assessment; personality theories; stress; mental disorders and treatments.

Sociology - Culture and society; social inequalities; social institutions; social change

Forensic / Criminal  Investigation - A one-credit course that focuses on the history of forensic science, criminal investigation, forensic serology and DNA, forensic studies in anthropology, toxicology, fingerprinting, firearms, physics, and document examination.

Career Tech Programs available to 10th graders: PSA-Law Enforcement  or Horticulture (all 4 electives in this program)




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