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AP Biology Flinn Safety Contract
Posted On:
Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Related Files: AP_Biology_Flinn_Safety_contract.PDF




Welcome to Advanced Placement Biology!!


Dear prospective AP Biology student,


I am looking forward to an exciting year of AP Biology starting this fall! You have decided to participate in a great class that is the equivalent of a college introductory Biology class. The work in this class is intense but rewarding! This course covers an insane amount of content while expecting you to critically think and process on a level you may not have experienced before in a science class. You will be studying late some nights. You may have homework on the weekends. You may break down in tears of frustration at some point. This will be one of the hardest science classes you’ve ever had. So, what do you get out of this course? The coursework in this class is the same as what you would see in a college level freshman Biology major’s course. You will take the AP Biology exam next May. If you score a 3, 4, or 5 on this exam, most colleges will give you some credit….possibly up to 10 semester hours! This course will also prepare you for life in college. Gone are the days where you can slip through a course by luck and what you already know. You will learn how to study for a test. You will learn how to set up an experiment. You will learn how to analyze data. You will learn how to be a successful student!




1)      There is a summer study assignment. Please see the following pages for the assignment.


2)      Internet access outside the school day. If you lack it at home, figure out where you can connect to the online world. Libraries and friends’ houses are great places to connect.


3)      Honestly ask yourself every day whether or not you are understanding the material. You will have multiple resources available to help. Make sure you use them!


4)      Be able to work with classmates in a mature, fun, and productive fashion. We’re all in this together, and a discussion with your classmates (NOT just copying their answers) will help in understanding the material.


5)      Don’t be afraid of mistakes. We all make them and you will be wrong from time to time…and so will I. We’ll point them out to each other!


6)      A sense of humor and humility. I will correct you from time to time. Don’t be afraid to say your ideas aloud. Part of the learning process in science is creating a hypothesis and testing it out. If I shoot down one of your ideas, it’s not that I don’t like you – it’s because I’m trying to guide you to the correct answer.

7)      Love this class. To be successful in a class like this, you have to eat, drink, breathe, and sleep this stuff. Now’s the time to learn how to enjoy the hard work and how to deal with the nasty feeling of being overwhelmed!


Let’s do this!


Mrs. Bee




In order to meet the demands of the curriculum, it is necessary for you to complete some work before you come back in the fall of 2018. I have included a 4 ­Part AP Biology Summer Assignment to keep your mind sharp and thinking during summer, so you are ready to hit the ground running in August. ***Please note that all assignments for the AP Biology class must be handwritten in neat and legible handwriting, unless specified otherwise.



Safety Contract – Due the FIRST day of class!!

-          You and a parent must sign



Go Explore Science – Summer Scavenger Hunt – Due the FIRST day of class!!

-          Find items on the list and take a “selfie” with each item. Create a PowerPoint/Google Slides presentation with your photos. Photos CANNOT be taken from the internet – you MUST be in the picture!! You CANNOT repeat photos for multiple scavenger hunt items. You CAN submit this in advance – as early as August 1 – by emailing it to I will send a response that I received your project. If you do not get a reply, I did not receive the project.


1. an arachnid                                                            9. primary producer

2. mutualism                                                             10. moss

3. a population                                                          11. angiosperm

4. a biotic factor                                                        12. gymnosperm

5. primary consumer                                                   13. phototropism

6. an amphibian                                                        14. a seed

7. a reptile                                                               15. intertidal zone

8. something made of cellulose


- You will be graded on the number of scavenger hunt items you are able to find. Grading scale will be as follows (items must be correct to get credit):

                                - 14-15 items = 100%

                                - 12-13 items = 90%

                                - 10-11 items = 80%

                                - 8-9 items = 70%

                                - 6-7 items = 60%

                                - less than 6 = 0%



Reading Guide – You will complete the attached Reading Guide for Chapter 1 of our textbook, Biology in Focus. The textbook may be checked out from the library this summer. Mrs. Blencowe’s likely summer hours are Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:00-10:30am, but CHECK THE SCHOOL WEBSITE to be sure before you make a trip to the school! We will be completing these Reading Guides for selected chapters throughout the year.



Science Reading Assignment: Due by AUGUST 17TH!!! Choose one of the following science-related books to read over the summer (they may be checked out of the CCHS library) – you will take an AR test on it by Friday, August 17th (this will factor into your grade):


T. rex and the Crater of Doom by Walter Alvarez

Congo by Michael Chrichton

Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz

Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

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